• National, international, ministerial, and corporate grant application management in Poland.
  • Private foundation, community foundation, and municipal grant application management in the United States.
  • Crowd-funding management.
  • Project coordination and execution.
  • Promotion, public relations, & social media management.
  • Grant and project budget management.
  • Three years experience as a cultural 'animator.'
  • Collaboration experience with diverse teams (artists, cultural animators, youth centers) and institutional entities (City of Warsaw, Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, City of Warsaw Communication Center, private foundations).
  • Experienced in high level problem solving and decision making.


  • Project Coordinator
    Brooklyn, New York
    February, 2014 – Present
    • Coordinated project design, implementation, promotion, and social media management.
    • Supervised workshop leaders, budget management, and collaboration with New York City based non-profit and municipal institutions.
    • Organizing the execution of a single block festival (to be held in September).
  • Volunteer Workshop Leader
    Brooklyn, New York
    April, 2013 – December, 2013
    • Leads Greenpoint 50+, a cultural workshop targeted at Polish-American seniors.
  • New York, New York
    March, 2013 – December, 2013
    • Participated in member outreach, event execution, and organization administration.
  • Grant Management Intern
    New York, New York
    March, 2013 – December, 2013
    • Manages grant inquiry process along with both grant funding and program related databases.
    • Maintains organizational social media presence.
    • Participated in planning and organization of annual benefit gala.
  • Project Assistant / Office Manager
    Warsaw, Poland
    July, 2012 – Jan, 2013
    • Handled office duties, maintained web site, interacted with clients and designers.
  • Warsaw, Poland
    Sept, 2011 – Jan, 2013
    • Handled strategic planning, event organization, promotion, and public relations.
  • Vice President / Grant & Project Coordinator
    Warsaw, Poland
    Jan, 2011 – Jan, 2013
    • Managed grant application process: wrote proposals, coordinated supporting documents, acted as official liaison with government and non-government officials.
    • Directed project execution: managed promotions and public relations in order to connect with project target demographics; assured accordance with grant requirements and local regulations; oversaw expenditures, managed grant budgetary concerns; implemented project reports.
    • Projects:
    • Maintained organizational social media and web presence.
    • Accepted role and duties of Vice President (August, 2012).
  • Workshop Leader
    Warsaw, Poland
    May, 2010 & May, 2011
    • Designed and Implemented workshops for seniors.
  • Workshop Leader / Project Asst.
    Warsaw, Poland
    Nov, 2009 – Jan, 2013
    • Designed, implemented, and coordinated philosophical workshops for seniors (Philosophical Emergency & Free Time Processor projects).
    • Managed nationwide 2011 promotions.
    • Organized and handled logistics workshops for University of the Third Age employees.
    • Projects:
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    July, 2010 – Aug, 2010
    • Orchestrated presentation of Polish and Polish-American art.
    • Assisted in promotion and public relations for the exhibition. See the Polish-American news article about the exhibit.
  • Project Manager
    Warsaw, Poland
    Aug, 2009 – Dec, 2010
    • Organized events, prepared client offers, performed office management duties.
  • Account Manager
    Warsaw, Poland
    Oct, 2008 – July, 2009
    • Organized events, prepared client offers, managed project bidding.
  • Editor
    • Managed literature section for cultural portal.
      • Assigned and edited articles; recruited talent.
      • Acted as liaison with publishers.


  • Native Polish Speaker
  • Fluent in English
  • Basic French proficiency
  • Proficient with Windows, Ubuntu Linux, and OS X
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office


  • University of Wrocław – Wrocław, Poland
    Bachelor's of Arts in Jounralism, 2005
    Thesis: "Abortion Issues in Poland: Pro-Life and Pro-Choice politics in public discourse."
  • University of Wrocław – Wrocław, Poland
    Masters's of Arts in Cultural Studies, 2007
    Thesis: "Reception of Roman Ingarden’s music ontology in philosophers’ and musicologists’ debates in Poland."
  • University of Wrocław – Wrocław, Poland
    Masters's of Arts in Philosophy, 2008
    Thesis: "Marriage of Art & Science. Examination of bio-art phenomenon in the Polish contemporary art context."


Literature, aesthetics, bio art, public space art, working with senior citizens.